Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to become a JemX Rewards member? Do I need to pay for the membership?

The JemX Rewards membership is free of charge. Spend a minimum of S$20 with any retailer at Jem and present your original receipt at the L3 Concierge Desk on for a one-time activation to be a JemX Rewards member.

2) What if I don't have an iPhone or Android?

The JemX Rewards program is open to everyone. If you do not use an iPhone or Android phone, you can still register for a JemX Rewards account, earn and redeem your Jem Points at the L3 Concierge desk. You may also earn Jem Points via the JemX Rewards Self-Serve Kiosk available on B2 Lobby 1, B2 Lobby 2 and L4, outside Challenger. 

3) Is there a minimum spend to earn points?

A minimum spend of S$20 in a single receipt with any retailer at Jem is required to earn Jem Points.

4) Can I earn points at all Jem stores?

Yes, you can earn Jem Points from all retailers at Jem. You can earn Jem Points via the L3 Concierge Desk, Jem App and JemX Rewards Self-Serve Kiosk at all participating retailers. Jem Point earnings via these channels will only be valid for minimum S$20 spent in a single receipt.

5) What type of rewards do you have?

Currently, we have a $5, $10 and $50 Jem Paper/ Jem eVouchers available for redemption. The vouchers can be used at all participating retailers. Tenant vouchers and products may also be available for redemption during periodic promotion periods. Visit for the latest promotions.

6) How many Jem points do I get with my purchases?

You will receive 1 Jem Point for every S$1 spent at participating retailers. Purchases made at FairPrice Xtra will earn Jem Points at 10% of receipt value. For instance, if a member spends S$100 at FairPrice Xtra, he/she will receive 10 Jem Points. 

7) How many points do I need to exchange for rewards?

Jem Points

Can be exchanged for

Jem Voucher

800 $5
1,600 $10
8,000 $50

8) Can I change my eVouchers to paper vouchers?

Yes, you can. Present your original personal photo identification at the Concierge desk to convert Jem eVouchers to Jem paper vouchers. The paper voucher denomination and expiry date will follow that of the eVoucher upon conversion.

9) Will my JemX Rewards membership expire?

All memberships will start from the date of membership activation. With effect from 01 October 2015, all new and existing Members will enjoy a lifetime membership for the Program, while Jem Points earned will have a separate validity period. The Management however reserves the right to impose an expiry date on any membership account at any time without giving any reason whatsoever.

10) How long is the validity of my Jem Points?

With effect from 1 April 2017, all Jem points earned in the calendar year will expire on 31 Dec of that year. A bonus of six (6) months grace period till 30 June the following year will be given for members to redeem Jem Points into Jem Gift Vouchers.

Points Earned Utilize Jem Points by:
1 Jan – 31 Dec 2017 30 Jun 2018
1 Jan – 31 Dec 2018 30 Jun 2019

The Management shall endeavour to notify the Member of his/her expiring Jem Points prior to the expiry date.

Jem Points and benefits shall automatically expire or be forfeited upon the expiry date of the Jem Points regardless of whether the Member has received prior notice.

11) How become a JemX+ Rewards member?

An existing JemX Rewards member will be eligible to upgrade to JemX+ Rewards Membership when the member’s annual spend is within the top 10% of total membership in a calendar year i.e. 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2018.

12) Is there any difference between the JemX and JemX+ Rewards member?

A JemX+ Rewards member get double points on all Weekdays (Mon – Fri, regardless of Public Holiday) as compared to JemX Rewards member. Their points earned are capped at a maximum of 600 Jem Points per day. During the JemX+ Rewards membership term, the member will enjoy all privilege member benefits.

13) Will the JemX+ Rewards membership expire?

Yes. JemX+ Rewards member’s spend need to be within top 10% of total membership during the membership period to renew JemX+ membership for another year; otherwise, the JemX+ Rewards Member will be reverted to the JemX Rewards member on 1st January of the following year.