New iSTEAKS' Market Pick: Uruguay Ribeye!

Posted on 01 May 2022 by iSTEAKS
Uruguay's Free Range Beef
Bred In Perfect Harmony with Nature and done in iSTEAKS' Signature Steakhouse Char!
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A small country but with a herd count almost 4 times its population, and growing appreciation for natural food source, Uruguay is fast becoming the world's favorite and most sought-after High Quality Beef (HQB+) exporter
Free to roam in a temperate climate -15,000sqm/head to be precise- and bred in the absence of added hormones and antibodies, Pul, is renowned for its system of raising cattle the best of traditional ways have to offer. So it's no wonder, this grass-fed wonder is set to take its place amongst the best in the world.
Have a try and transcend perhaps, to the scenic plains of Uruguay. =p